CHC coils & EPG generators

CHC coils are designed to maximize the heating performance of plasticizing barrels, especially extruders, injection molding and blow molding machines.

Plasticizing heating systems consist of one or more coils, depending on the number of barrels zones to be heated. Each coil is powered by an EPG electronic power generator. The thermoregulation logic is managed by the machine central unit, using the temperature feedback of the single zone to enable or disable the relevant EPG generator.

Plasticizing System

Main advantages over traditional resistive heating systems:

  • High energy saving and less heat dissipation – efficiency over 90%
  • Uniform heat distribution and reduce coil surface temperature
  • Fast heating up to 350 °C
  • High precision in temperature regulation, thanks to instantaneous start/stop of heat transfer to the barrel
  • Immediate integration with the control logics adopted for resistive systems
  • Low maintenance and long service life

CHC coils

CHC coils are available in different combinations of diameters and lengths, depending on the size of the element to be heated and the power required.

The modular construction technology of the coils allows an easy installation both on new machines and for the retrofit of existing machines.

Standard coils are available with diameters from 80 mm to 400 mm, larger diameters on request.

CHC-N execution

CHC-N uncooled coils are designed for temperature sensor installation and are suitable for those zones of the plasticizing barrel that do not require cooling.

The coil is wound on highly insulating materials to minimize heat loss from the barrel to the environment.

CHC-C execution

CHC-C cooled coils are provided with openings for air flow and temperature sensor installation.

The special internal structure allows cooling air to be conveyed directly onto the plasticizing barrel, guaranteeing faster cooling than resistive systems.