MHB Blankets & ECT Trolleys

The system is composed by a heating blanket MHB and an electronic control trolley ECT which integrates the control logic and the EPG power generator.

The MHB blankets are covered with a high temperature resistant fabric, and a flat coil is installed inside protected by a semi-rigid shell, in order to easily fit the surface of the mold and heat it up to 300┬░C.

The standard dimensions of the MHB blankets are from 400 mm up to 800 mm diameter, other dimensions are available on request.

Molds pre-heating

The ECT control trolley is a plug & play system, designed to allow easy connection with the heating blanket. It does not require any specific knowledge from the user, as it automatically recognizes the connected blanket.

Simply select the blanket to be used according to the size of the mold and connect it to the trolley.


The most common molds preheating methods require continuous supervision of specialised personnel, in addition they have several safety disadvantages:

  • Induction furnaces require the risky handling of heavy & hot molds from the furnaces.┬áBesides, induction furnaces are bulky and very expensive.
  • Open flame burners presents enormous dangers related to the use of combustible gases in indoor environments.
Inductive blanket - Open flames

The solution proposed by Atos Induction overcomes all these disadvantages through the safe use of inductive heating blankets, which allow easy installation.

Simply place the blanket in contact with the surface of the mold and start heating it.

MHB blankets are available in two versions to heat a half-shell at a time or two halves simultaneously.

stage execution

Main advantages over traditional systems:

  • Reduced heating time, thanks to induction high efficiency
  • Automatic timed or thermoregulated control of heating processes, without the need of an operator supervision
  • Easy to use, simply place the blanket in contact with the mold
  • Maximum safety during heating operations, eliminating the use of combustible gases and open flames