FIH Units

FIH hydraulic fluid induction heaters are innovative systems for rapid and precise heating of mineral and synthetic oils in industrial processes; for example, preheating of oil in hydraulic machines and systems.

The heater consists of an inductor, which exploits magnetic induction to heat internal ferromagnetic elements in direct contact with the fluid, and a control panel, which integrates the control logic and the EPG generator.

Fluids heating

The main advantages over traditional systems are:

  • Reduced energy consumption and more efficient heat transmission
  • Reduced heating time due to high heat exchanged per unit volume
  • Uniform heat distribution within the fluid up to 60°C, avoiding dangerous localized overheating
  • Possible integration in off-line filtration circuits
  • High reliability and long life service

Functional description

The cylindrical inductor is filled with ferromagnetic spheres in direct contact with the fluid.

When the inductor is powered, the magnetic field heats the spheres by the induction effect.

The fluid is therefore heated by flowing through the hot spheres, obtaining a uniform heat distribution.

The control logic, integrated in the control panel, performs a closed-loop control of the fluid temperature, modulating the command to the EPG generator that powers the inductor.

A dedicated digital output is also available for the activation of an external cooling system, in order to have a complete control of the fluid temperature.