About us

Atos Induction is the Atos Group company specialized in medium power inductive heating systems.

The range of patented products is the result of intensive research and development activities on industrial heating solutions designed to increase productivity and energy efficiency, reducing operating and maintenance costs.


The production of heat with inductive technology is based on the application of a variable magnetic field to a ferromagnetic material, which generates eddy-currents on the surface of the material to be heated.

Control logics

The Atos Induction systems allow easy integration in both new and existing machines, using the same control logic of traditional resistive systems.

Product range

Plasticizing systems

CHC coils, powered by EPG generators, are designed to heat plasticizing barrels of extruders, injection molding and blow molding machines. These solutions increase performance, in terms of speed and precision of thermoregulation, minimizing energy consumption.

Molds pre-heating

MHP planar inductors, powered by ECT mobile or ECC stationary control systems, are the ideal solution to quickly and safely pre-heat the molds of metal and rubber presses. Pre-heating operations can be carried out directly on the machine, without the need to move the molds.

Fluids heating

The innovative FIH fluid heaters exploit magnetic induction to heat ferromagnetic elements positioned inside the system, in direct contact with the fluid. These systems allow precise, fast, and homogeneous fluid temperature control in any hydraulic system.


EPG power electronic generators supply the coil with an amplitude and frequency modulated current according to the characteristics of the ferromagnetic material to be heated, in order to optimize the performance of inductive heating.